This Week in MIT

This week in MIT… What Did I learn… Of course I learned a lot. It is staggering the amount of information is out there and the way we process it sometimes the least efficient. Regardless, the main thing I feel I learned (relearned) was ENTREPRENEURSHIP!!! (not an easy word to spell, it is all kinds of messed up in notes…) We had Chris Hanks, Director of the Entrepreneurship Program at the Terry College of Business, talk to us about entrepreneurship. What I grasped from his presentation, and clear plug for his program, is that anyone and everyone should be an entrepreneur. WHY, you may ask. Security! If you are your own boss, are you not likely to get fired! Stability! If one stream of income disappears, you should be diversified enough that it should not negatively impact your life. Control! Does anyone really want to be told when and where and how to do something. Most people would answer, NO!

So, why not become an entrepreneur? I know, I have wanted to and I have kinda tried it as well, but it can be difficult. It is hard to break away from something you have been taught for years “Get a good job!” and “If you are a good employee, you won’t have anything to worry about.” These are both myths in the here and now. I was laid off in 2009 and it hurts actually, even tho you know it isn’t personal and it is just business. It is also difficult to break away from the mind set of this is steady income being an employee and that can be easy and will make you complacent.

Nothing worth having (let alone bragging about) ever came easy. Well, I’m sure you all have other things to do than here me go on and on, but I am going to take on the challenge that Chris gave us and try to become a better ME! So to start, I shall be making a calendar/ schedule for the next two years of my life that I will post (to make me accountable… TO THE WORLD…), and start trying to figure out ways to make myself more relevant and differeniate my skill set from others, and just plan figure the heck out what I think I am really good at. I might just enter the next top entreprenuer competition at the Terry School… DUN DUN DUN