Reflection on MIST 7500 – Internet Technology

What I have learned in MIST 7500…. Well there isn’t a short answer at all to this question. I have been challenged, intrigued and informed by so much in this class. The two things, I can say for sure that I learned in this class is “Time Management” and “Prioritization” are skills that will always be tested and necessary for success. Both of these skills were tested regularly by my work schedule and being on a project with absurdly short deadlines and being the only one actually working on the project causing me to pull all nighters, which I believe isn’t and shouldn’t be necessary, but I didn’t decide the schedule, nor the deliverable, nor handled staffing. I digress… (I really like the word nor, FYI) Anyways, on to actual things presented in this class.


The speakers were my favorite part of the class. They talked about entrepreneurship, content development, risk management and compliance, online marketing and SEO, past experience in the program and where they are now, and IT service management. They were all compelling and insightful and many of them had their own companies which is definitely inspiring to say the least.


Trends was a another major part of the class, I feel like. We examined different topics that were trending currently, to help us to see where the technology may go. My favorite one was Big Data. Big data is already big, but the industry is still developing. Second favorite would be the Internet of things… A world where all your stuff talks to each other is cool yet ominous…  It like Skynet light.


PROGRAMMING… the upward climb that is Java. Java is an awesome OS independent programming language. Unfortunately, I feel as tho my brain turns into teflon and it doesn’t stick. So, i will definitely be doing some independent coding on the side.


We also looked at the history of the internet, business models, how the internet works, and how to build a website from scratch. The business models were fun, where you use the business model canvas to figure out a business’ – customers, partners, resources, and what value they bring. The Porter 5 forces was interesting too, it added in the competition element to the equation.

Overall there was tons of things, I learned in this class. I think the programming, where to research trends and the business model canvas, will be the most beneficial things learned from this class. The programming will be utilized next semester. The trends will help me to focus on what I would want to work on in the future. And the business modeling will help me to develop a business or understand a current one, let alone help explain a business to others. Hopefully with all of this knowledge, I will be able to use to make my own business or be an executive at some company. We will see….