Internet History

My Five Top Picks for moments in Internet History
  1. 1957 Time Sharing – share the processing power of one computer with other computers.
    Time sharing allowed for entities to that didn’t have the money to invest in more powerful computers were able to use a remote computer.
  2. TCP Transmission Control Protocol – the main feature of this protocol is verification of the file transfer
    Without this feature on the internet many things that we utilize today would not work at all. Bank transfers, emails and assignment dropboxes being the main two functions that would not work to well.
  3. Packet Switching – Files broken down to small packets that are recombined at the other end
    The internet would be serverly congested and slow if this feature was not a part of our current internet, not to mention the fact that streaming would not be possible.
  4. Cyclades Network – Their network during communication the computers do not intervene but act like a transfer  node node, therefore creating a direct connection between computers
    Thank goodness for this feature! This invention allows packets to be sent near the speed of light through the internet. Without this feature every computer or network a packet went through would slow the delivery of the file to the destination computer.
  5. X.25 Protocol – allowed communication over telephone networks.
    Ohhhh the telephone networks! They were more than happy to create a protocol to use their network for a small fee.  Without this protocol or the telephone network the adoption of the internet would have been much much slower.