Executive Summary – Online Reputation Management


When as the last time you Googled yourself or the company? Was everything that came up on the first page positive? For some professionals and business, what comes on the first page doesn’t show them in the best light.

The internet is the new first impression and Online Reputation Management is a means of curating your online presence. What we would be doing, is monitoring the online reputation of a person, brand or business with the goal of addressing negative feedback and comments and emphasizing positive feedback and comments. The typical method of addressing some of these issues is to reach your clients as soon as they completed their transaction. So, they can vent privately, instead of publicly on any number of sites. Respond promptly to any online comments. Lastly, bury it with newer positive comments or posts, because what does not show up on the first or second page of Google doesn’t exist…

Positives Impacts

  • Additional service for existing and new clients

  • Diversify revenue stream

Negative Impacts

  • Content generation

  • Time for bad content to be buried or removed

  • Established competition

  • Growing number of review sites

Impacts on Business

As a online marketing and consulting agency, this prospect require very little investment.  The negatives are that it can take from 45 days to 6-months for some of the results to show up, but it does provide an opportunity to stay in communication with the client and offer additional services. Also, if this service is setup as a subscription, the steady revenue works with the longer timeframe of projects. The staff of content generators and persons to monitor the various sites may become cumbersome and expensive. The opportunity to diversify the revenue stream could be worth the additional staff. The projections for Online Reputation Management in 2013 is $3.1 Billion and if we were able to capture 0.1% of the market that would provide $3.1 Million in revenue.


I would recommend that we move forward with this offering because of its low investment and growth potential (clients and market size). We should target politicians, professionals and small and medium businesses to start with. The initial offering should be social media management only and then expand outwards to the search engines, forums, review sites and etc. This stepped approach is necessary see if our client base would be interested in this offering and allow for training of staff on such management software and their integration with other software in-house – Brandwatch Pro and Hootsuite Pro ~ $809 per month. With the mentioned software packages the number of staff needed can be reduced because they consolidate and aggregate the information into a user-friendly dashboards.