Cloud Computing

What is it?!?! Well as many may tell… It is the future. It a means of processing what you would do typically on your laptop or computer but over the internet. Well that is a very basic way of explaining it, but it is becoming BIG (even HUGE) BUSINESS!!! You may have heard of a few companies that are already involved in this business, such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Rackspace to name a few…

A few benefits of moving into the cloud can, also be the some of the weaknesses.
1. Cheaper storage – if you store your music and photos online and pay a small fee for them to be sent to any device, you avoid buying servers and laying cabling around the world. Generally the amount of storage you can get in the cloud that will not have to maintain is very inexpensive
2. The price of cheaper storage is your reliance on a company to be stable and viable. You never know how they may decide how they want to use your data, Potential loss of – data, privacy, control and generally legal rights to compensation for damages.
3. Scalability – Everyone wants to have a network and a system that can grow and shrink as they need it to .



A number of these well known names are taking their distributed network of data centers and allowing people, small and big companies have access in just about real time to their network and thus to clients and end users. Amazon’s AWS service will allow you to setup up software in the cloud and distribute it out to be closer to the regions your clients are in, allowing for a reduction in latency. Amazon, Microsoft and Google are using the cloud as a means of cementing their place in the future. With the greater about of data that you have stored with them the less likely you will leave them. Also, their massive and powerful networks makes it possible for them to deliver products to you and/or vise versa. If you are a developer you can now build, test and implement your software in the cloud and then have it distributed out via the same cloud.